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Got home extended the slider, ran water in the sink, water all over the floor. They way the hooked up the hose to the connection to the gray tank

looked like it was done by children. You could tell it happened before as there was glue on the fittings. Must be a union company. The hookup

to drain your tanks to sewer my god. You have to leave the door open as the didn't line up the removable cover underneath with the pipe.

For a brand new 2019 Thor Forwinds 31Y there was saw dust everywhere.

Camping World in Roseville, Ca is just as bad. If I was Ford Motor Company I would never allow another Thor product to be put on my units.

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Same issues with my 2018 Gemini, definitely put together with child labor, glue everywhere ,inside and out, they went nuts with a glue gun and caulking, missed most of the joints on the roof! After picking the unit up, the cabinet door under the sink fell off, slide messes up all the time, interior light cover fell off , water heater sucks Etc, etc etc,

Of course they are not a union company otherwise the work would have been done right. Your union comment shows your ignorance about the trades. You deserve a Thor:)

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