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My husband and I purchased a brand new 2016 Thor Ace 29.2 in April. My husband was ill, and we thought we would have some quality time together in our new motorhome.

Well, we got to spend three days in it together before he passed away in July. Our first trip out, we experienced problems with the failure of the toilet to flush solids out of the vertical pipe below the toilet, and send the stuff into the black water tank. I took the motorhome back to Camping World after things settled down after his passing. It was like "Hey, here comes a new widow, we don't have to do anything for her!!!

And that's exactly what they did. They "willingly" reglued a piece of trim back up over the bedroom sliding door, but only shined a flashlight down the toilet and told me there was nothing wrong. They had the rig for 30 days! I didn't know until the day I picked it up that they had done absolutely nothing to repair the toilet.

"It works as it was designed." I left on my trip very angry, but had no other options. My house was sold. The toilet continued to "work as designed" (not function!!!), and when I got to Portland, Oregon, I took the motorhome back into Camping World. They repaired a couple of little items, but once again, NOTHING was done about the toilet.

Another 30 days out of my life staying with friends waiting for my new home to function like a real home! Got onto the road again - this time I left for the desert SW - I now carried a mop handle with me to "stir the contents of the toilet" in order to move things on to the black-water tank. This was required every day or two. After I returned back to Portland, again the RV was returned to Camping World.

Guess what?

I don't know how it happened, but my rig is out of warranty now and the toilet is my problem! I won't add a photo here - I'm sure no one wants to see a toilet full of ***!

Review about: 2016 Thor Motor Coach Ace 29.2 Rv.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

I didn't like: Customer service and warranty service.

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I'm wandering if its a problem with the plumbing underneath- connections/elbows, the way it was built. It was to much work for the RV dealer to remove the under side protector and insulation to repair it!

Pretty bad. I purchased a Jayco Eagle and 2 months later was diagnosed with prostate cancer, so I totally understand. After years of hard work, and finally fulfilling a retirement dream, and then getting stuck with a major headache. I am looking into a Grand Design Solitude, they look far better built and solid.

Quality is far better.

Nothing can be more disappointing than issues like yours or others who had slides, virtually falling off their Jaycos, or getting stuck and cannot retract them or local dealerships, won't fix it because you did not buy from them! ??


Very SAD about your ACE We have a 10 week old NEW 35 ft Miramar that has about 40 things wrong! Screwed up our cross country trip!

Lazydays did NOT do a prep check on buying! MOST multiple problems all within 1st 2weeks -- dome still there after 3 weeks in Lazydays! Their " CARE-FREE" Awning will KILL you!! Do NOT SIT UNDER!!!

Wrong name/ it's not Care-Free!!!!!!. NO "QUALITY CONTROL" at THOR!!!!!!!!!


looking at a thor axis 24.1from camper world. makes me reconsider both at this point


I'm sorry to hear of your loss and all the "***" problems you have with your rv

I was looking at Thor RV's but am having second thoughts since reading your review


Same with me. Camping world sucks.

I've wound up fixing all the issues on my new piece of s#/t thor palazzo as they just couldn't seem to figure out how. One of my slides almost fell out after they worked on it all day 8.5 hours, didn't fix it but said go ahead and drive until I was back in town. Good thing I checked it as all 4 of the slide rolder were hanging on by 1 or 2 screws and they said the rollers just needed to be adjusted and they had to have 2 to 3 days to drop the slide out.

My wife and I spent 45 minutes and got them secured and guess what it quit dragging. Oh by the way did I mention that they cut off an inch of the bed frame so it would stop hitting the end when it was retracted.


Still working on a solution. It's back at the shop AGAIN! At least Thor is working on it - at Guaranty RV - I'll never darken a Camping World doorway again!!!

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