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Were do we begin. This was a cash purchase so afterward the dealer does not give a ***. Our Rear- End Locked up after 5 minutes from leaving the dealership. Motor Home Specialist did not even return our calls. We had the RV towed to California were a new Rear end was put in. The dealer is in Texas. Since that time a recall was issued and Motor Home Specialist indicated to Thor that it was fixed prior to sale. No defrost and nobs are stuck in one setting. Thor will not fix and said its a Ford problem now. Talked to Ford and they said that the knobs are not even there and no they will not fix the problem. Finally, Thor will do the upgrade but now the Wiring ( because the wrong Gage wire was installed at the factory has burnt and almost caused a fire inside the dash board. There are Cabinet doors with gobs of caulk inside. Now we have no heat coming from the cab heaters. All the Velcro has torn apart from the seat cushions. The staple job was just horrible.

We are suspecting that we were sold a used coach instead of new or it was a promotional coach. There is over $2,000 worth of upgrades to the suspension system and there was raw sewage in the black tank as we have not used them yet. There is also some strange sticker about 5 of them in the windshield that just make no sense . There is one in the doorway. Motor Home specials have never called us back after repeated phone call and e-mails. Some Thor Representative are nice but they are a nasty organization as they must get sick and tired of defending bad products. They are quick to blame others.

Well what could happen next, you guessed it a Crack Windshield and broken windshield sprayer motor. In fact the Windshield is swelling up in places. This is just not right for anyone. We are a very prominent family and will take the appropriate action as this is not how product should be released to normal people. We have asked our local T.V station to broadcast this Nightmare so that others can be warned about the R.V industry and shoddy products and the game being played to delay repairs. Lawsuit for sure !!! My kids will go viral with this ordeal to make sure Thor changes its ways. Shameful !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Thor Motor Coach Vegas Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Thor Industries Cons: Quality of coach, Warranty service is slow at best, No compassion on phone, Wants to blame others, Driver from factory to dealer should have a checklist.

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California

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Thor is the worst motor home on the market. Venetian 37 ft total crap.


I’m very sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with your Thor unit. As an employee at the plant that makes these units I can promise you that we do work very hard to put out the best quality possible, however there are times when units have issues that begin after transport has picked them up and take them to the dealership.

With the black tank having raw sewage in them, that DEFINITELY happened after it was picked up which is my 100% promise, I use to empty those tanks myself before putting them on the scales to be weighed, and they get parked out on ship row completely empty, the scales won’t allow us to get a weight on the unit if there is any fluid in them at all.As for the stickers In the windshield..

depending on what the sticker is, it’s more than likely a sign that one department is telling another that it’s been through road and rain or alignment and then you have your weighed and parked stickers.. if it’s in the doorway it’s probably one that came on the door when it was delivered.The globe of seal in the cabinets is confusing to me, if you have the lift up radius doors that have the hard enamel fronts then there shouldn’t be any seal in them, if you have the older style doors that come in maple or Brazilian cherry and it’s around the inside of the door then it’s glue from gluing The insert panel down, if there’s a lot then the person who made the door used too much.I hope I was able to help clear a few things up for you, and I can


Wow! I know that having problems with your RV, especially on the road, is a real pain in the butt.

But what is worst is someone so ignorant that they don't even know how to manage life, right up to the point of blaming the WRONG people. First of all it DOESN'T sound like Thor is the main villain here. Let me explain:

1. Anyone with a brain would know that a rear end problem would be the responsibility of Ford, the company who made the chassis.

To tow it all the way back from Texas to California to have that repaired was really ***. Any big vehicle like this could loose a rear end - not Thor's Fault.

2. The same basically goes for the windshield. Any windshield can brake.

Funny that it was not mentioned what caused it to break.

3. As for the *** left in the black water tank. Well I guess you didn't do a very good job of inspecting the coach before you signed on the dotted line. But once again, this was not a Thor problem.

Sounds like a problem with Motor Homes Specialist.

4. And now this person is complaining about $2,000 of upgrades to the suspension. Really! Yes, I would want to know why there were there.

After that you should probably be saying, Thanks! But WHY didn't you know about this before you signed on the dotted line. Basically, *** people need to stay away from RV's simply because they are a hazard to everyone else on the road and a pain in the butt to us who know what we are doing while camping at the various parks and campgrounds.

Overall, this type of a consumer is a liability to everyone around them. They refuse to educate them selves prior to entering a hobby that requires some smarts, basically to just stay alive.

But I guess we ought to be grateful that they were not buying an airplane. OMG!!!! For those wishing to get into RV's. Get educated before you get the RV.

Because after you do, your still going to have to most likely face some NIGHTMARE situation. I have personally been there and have been able to handle and/or avoid such situations. But that's life and it is worth it.

Anyone can encounter problems when having an RV. But "Ignorant" people are asking for them.


Please go back to your troll hut please.. Don't *** on my blog with your hate.


That was the most ignorant response I have ever heard.

Thor purchased the RV back and gave us a new 2017. It should have never been sold it was what they called a mule.

2016 switch over.

Add that to your grateful list a Free RV.

I gonna make sure I play my music loud and run my generator so that you angry A$$$ would come and help me be a better RV'r.

Have a nice day..


I so agree. The rv industry is getting away with murder

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