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I purchased what I thought would me my dream RV & that dream has turned out to be a nightmare! I purchased their 45LT which is their flagship model.

Before I even left the dealership in VA, it took 3 additional days to fix all the problems in a brand new coach. The Aquahot system had a burnt wiring harness, the fridge had a broken water line & leaking inside the coach, the bath door was hung the wrong way & not able to access the half bath( absolutely insane to let a coach leave the factory like that). Stove top covers broken,cracked floor tile, etc. The wood & trim inside the coach is subpar work.

For a $350,000 coach, Thor has some serious issues & after dealing with their warranty dept for almost 4 months now, I can tell you they *uck! As of this letter, the RV is in the closest dealer that can service it & the full wall slide does not close all the way & this is the second attempt at trying to fix it. I don't think anyone knows how to! Also they never installed a sensor at the factory for the front zone heat & all it does it read the wrong temp on the thermostat which makes it 10-12 degrees off.

The front boiler zone also never worked.

I can go on but for now this is enough to give anyone who is interested in a Thor product to seriously look elsewhere...I have nothing positive to say about them & their warranty dept. I have exchanged 52 emails to them as of today & it appears that after the sale is made, they just don't give a ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2013 Thor Motor Coach Tuscany Rv.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

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Thor Tuscany viewers, I am a man of my word. Back in Feb.

I wrote about my experience with my 2013 Thor Tuscany 45LT. I discussed all the problems with it & how I thought that the builder did not pay attention to detail & just shipped the RV with problems. After sending Thor a detailed list of all the problems that my local authorized dealer could not repair, they contacted me to inform me of what they wanted to do to correct the RV. I just returned from their service center in Elkhart Indiana.

Thor picked up my RV 3 weeks ago & had a professional driver bring it to them. They started on the repairs on schedule based on the list of things to address.The service manager started to inform me almost daily by email the progress of the repairs. I found that to be a plus. For the first time I did not have to chase anyone for info on the progress.

Next, I was in contact with the original setup person who contacted me from the beginning & he informed me that the unit will be ready on time & that someone would contact me with the arrangements to fly me out there to view all the repairs to my satisfaction. Then they were going to fly me back home & have the RV delivered the same way they picked it up. I chose only to fly out & drive the unit back the 950 miles home myself. At this time, I am reporting that I have confidence in Thor's repair facility in Elkhart.

They went above & beyond what I expected & found /replaced items I didn't even know about. I am giving that dept. a thumbs up! The total cost to them was in the vicinity of $12500.

It cost me $0.00 They even paid for the tolls/fuel back. Although I still think that the shop that builds these need to pay closer attention to detail, Thor does have some very competent people that I think should be noted.

Now I'm going RVing!


Sorry to hear these issues. I was seriously considering the purchase of a new Tuscany, but I now have doubts.


I saw your response to my complaint & I can tell you that my new RV is still in the shop(7 weeks) & is still not fixed. As I stated before, my advice to you is to pass right by any Thor products. As time has gone on, they seem to distance themselves from me further & that is just NOT acceptable. I hope you look elsewhere. These are the best reviews anyone could get seeing I have had enough experience with this RV.

Good luck,



I have a 2012 Tuscany that I purchased new in September of 2012. It has been at the dealer for about 9 of the 12 months that I have owned it and about 12 months of the 17 or so months that it has been owned.

Major and minor problems. Many still unresolved. The dealer has tried covering up issues,lying and the list goes on. It's hard to cover up issues when the dealer has have the rv for as long as they have had it.

Keep I. Mind,many problems were noticed prior to driving it off the lot and it had to go back the very next morning. .. The nightmare began!

I don't know who is worse... Thor or the selling dealer!


I just read your about your similar situation with your RV. I feel your frustration!

Which model do you have? I can tell you at this time that after sending a 3 page complaint about my purchase nightmare, a different department has contacted me about my issues. At this time they are in the process of picking up my coach by the end of February & are going to drive it back to their repair plant in Indiana & they have assured me that they will fix everything that I informed them about & will be 100% happy after they get it. They also offered to fly me out to view the finished product & upon my satisfaction, will fly me home.

They seem to care enough about what I have been through, with caution I will only say that I hope they put there money where their mouth is. I will follow this up with a future post on how they did, which will be in about a month or so. Good & Bad. I know this really doesn't help you much, but I have a little more confidence in Thor at this time.

I only hope that does not get shattered.

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