My family & I ordered a new Thor Miramar, and picked it up at Camping World of Syracuse New York. The man who delivered us the rv was a retired gentleman who could not explain any of the features to us.

We were rushed through the coach so fast we had to ask for time to look it over, upon looking it over we found so many concerns. For instance peeling paint, tears in the interior ,cabinets broke, electrical componets not working, the flooring buckled, blinds not the correct size, and many more. We were assured this would all be taken care of, I bring the rv home and I am ready to use it and the slide would not go in, I call Thor they tell me find my own mobile service to come out and work on getting the slide back in, pay them and we will reimburse me ???? So I do, now the rv goes back to camping world for new slide motors which Camping World told me Thor will replace with new bigger motors since they have had many problems with them.


When you pick up your new rv at any dealer don't let them rush you out the door. STAY THE NIGHT IN YOUR NEW RV AND GO THROUGH EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU TAKE DELIVERY, MAKE THEM REPAIR IT ON THE SPOT.


Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Yup.... The slide, in our experienced opinion, is far too big for the Lippert Schwintek electric 500/1 ratio motors that Thor uses in their super wall slides.

I bought a 2017 Miramar 33.4 and have had multiple malfunctions since my 6 months of ownership. I've had it repaired 4 times (last time sent it back to Indiana).

Unfortunately (as we are young and have just a few years left with our camping-aged children), we have abandoned the RVing life and have since filed a suit - as they just keep pushing us around....

I have no confidence in the Thor super slide wall system whatsoever! I wish you better luck if you have one.


I had to spend the night in mine. The inverter burned up and I had no power,ac or tv.

Still so many things going wrong. Very disappointed and sorry I purchased this nightmare.


Looked at new miramar at camping world when we put the large driver side slide out the slide was difficult to go out and the sales man told me that the battery wasn't fully charged, I watched it pull into the yard from a test drive and the folks test driving it where talking about the same issue so I know from my mechanical aptitude the battery was good the motors where over loaded, Slide is way to big!!

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