I will never buy another Thor motor coach. Its designed badly and assembled even worse.

Your better off buying a old clunker and redoing everything. Because with a new Thor you're going to have to anyway.

Save your money. Buy anything else.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Cathan, Washington

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What model did you purchase? Can you be more specific about the problems you have had?

I like the models that Thor puts out but we are having second thoughts about the quality.

And so far I am not impressed with any of the dealerships! I appreciate any feedback you can offer.


Did you end up getting a unit? We purchased a new Tuscany 40DX and have had several issues but our dealership has been very helpful and as frustrating as some of it is, we have been satisfied.

When a company puts out as many units as Thor you can expect some issues.

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