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I have just finished reading the complaints about the flakey seats in various people's motorhomes. Wow -dejavu!!

I contacted Thor and got their Waranty department euphemistically called customer relations!! They stated as per their policy that our motorhome was not under warranty. So your problems with such things as vinyl seats cracking is your problem. I contacted Vini Iocco, the used car sales manager as I call him and he said that he would do us a favor- dealer cost seat covers but no installation.

He gave me the dealership's phone number but when I called, the dealership stated that they know nothing about this-surprise surprise! I contacted Flexsteel and they knew all about this issue as they make the seat coverings from the roll that Damon sent them. In this case, the vinyl was a bad product. They accepted some liability and sent me the captains seat coverings for free (no shipping charges).

I wrote the CEO of Thor Ind stating my concern on the handling of this matter and their assistant handed the letter down to (guess who) yes -Vini Iocco-mister warranty.

I had indicated in the CEO letter that after sales support was important to ensure that people might buy the product again if Thor Ind handled this correctly. He sent me a letter accepting my dissatisfaction but Thor Ind was not aware of any problems with the Flexsteel seat skins. I advised them as well that no action means no future purchases of a Thor Ind product and I would endeavor to advise as many people as I can, that Thor Ind is not a choice for my future purchases. I was in the process of telling the Warranty dept with a message "what an *** Vini Iocco is" so that they knew who they were working for.

I am still going to do this. It was good to see that I was not discriminated against with this particular product and that other product suppliers such as Freightliner, Flexsteel, Norcold and Fantastik remain number 1 in my book. Maybe we should sue Thor Ind in a class action suit.

Motorcoach companies are just as liable as the car manufacturers when they screw up a component. We pay enough for the enjoyment of a motorhome - why should we endure bad corporate decisions.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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Remember that Thor are only following the rules that they and others have gotten away with. With the continued poor quality of product and assembly, it is incumbent on the potential owner to ensure his choice has been fixed to their satisfaction.

Dealers are given $$ as part of their purchase to apply to the issues of the customer. It is well known in the RV industry that there will be mistakes and poor assembly so they expect the dealer to fix them free of charge IF YOU FIND THEM. A car dealership by any other name.

I am still in this motorhome and still correcting issues. Flexsteel is still no 1 in my mind and went out of their way to help me with a Thor Damon problem.

Go with someone who has purchased a new RV for their evaluation. A used RV guy will not be as useful as someone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of a new RV.

Oh, I have purchased a RV cover for my class A and found Goldline just as bad in their customer service department. Except for their salaries I did almost everything to get them going on the warranty issue.

They are *** and lack the ability to communicate. This starts from the VP Charley Avvanpato. He never returned my call so that I could help the company fix the mistakes so don't buy Goldline. They talk great but do little and their product is questionable in quality and reliability.

We need a blog to put pressure on the RV industry.

Companies like Good Sam have some value in fighting for the consumer but are limited and often political. Many issues remain unresolved based on their choice of fixing.

Good luck


was seriously looking at a Super C but probably will go with another manufacturer now


Nothing has changed with Thor Industries. I think they can ignore existing these issues because people get mesmerized by the thought of a new/used motorhome and they are gullable into thinking they have fixed the problem or it wouldn't happen again. I may buy another motorhome or a park model home but what ever I do-it will not involve a company who lacks compassion toward the customer and has no conscience toward addressing issues-thanks Thor for those wonderful people in the (cough cough) customer service dept which is headed up by Mr *** -vini iocco.

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