2016 Thor palazzo purchased at camping world st Augustine what a nightmare, we have literally owned it for 13 days took delivery after 3 days of electrical issues from the dealer and proceeded to get stranded at the 1st stop we made on a trip no air Conditioning and slides and lift bed would not retract . Lights weren't working after several days and 3 visits from the mobile mechanic who said the wiring was horrible and we had fuses missing!! He finally just got power from a live wire and got the switches on to close is up and get us on the road!we contacted Thor several times and they had us find a rv mobile mechanic and told us "this wasn't the time to point fingers", we have more problems then I can list in one post -leaking sink, broken wiper , dash lights flashing, so now we are home and where does the finger pointing start?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Port Orange, Florida

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The finger pointing at Thor and other RV companies that don't give a dam. They use the cheapest materials and labor.

There is now pride in quality, only get the coaches out at the cheapest possible price. They look great but are junk.

After reading reviews, I will never buy an rv in the usa.

Who said American products are coming back?


I am an owner--- Dash Lights flash due to condensation from driver ac vent -cold air- water drips down into the dimmer switch on the dash--- put brightness on max--- I am going to put some kind of water shield between the air vent and the control directly below it....

poor design

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