I have had numerous functional problems and cosmetic problems with my Thor Axis. I also took it back to the dealership & they made a halfhearted effort to repair my complaints.

On a trip to Arizona some of those problems returned along with numerous others. For a new (2015) RV this is very disheartening. I have spent the last two weeks trying to make repairs. I intend to trade it in the first chance I get.

The workmanship on this motorhome is deplorable. I will never buy another Thor again and will tell everyone that will listen not to buy one.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Thor Motor Coach Axis Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Tempe, Arizona

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We've had our 2015 for 6 weeks, Thor in Elkhart, IN 2 months. I'm getting my money back or will paint a lemon on the back.

We have 4 Great Danes so people will talk. The Lemon with 4 Great Danes and a Yorkie going coast to coast. If nothing else I'm going to make enough noise so they suffer in sales.

I'm going to be loud and share on social median. Quality over quantity would be a change for them.


Having same issues axis is falling apart it has been in shop for over 30 days just this last time, 1 really important item is sink and shower drain into the black water tank not the grey water tank, if you break hard, stop on a slope the black tank overflows and comes up into the shower.

Very poor quality workmanship, thor has said vehicle never should have left factory there where so many problems with it, many RV dealerships no longer carry thor products because of quality issues.


if you have an issue it would be really helpful to tell us what it is. Just saying don't buy one gives no one any useful feedback. I'm considering buying one and I'd like to know what your issues are


They forgot to bolts in the chassis so brackets bent and our floor separated. Heater was missing a switch, gaskets missing by the Ford place and Mike who works in customer services is a real smart *** ***.

It's so bad the factory came to get, has had 2 months, our trips have been canceled, it's never back when they say it will be and they want us to sign a release for $2,000.

Thor Motor Coach has sadly crushed our dreams of a cross country trip to take my dad back to Oregon, something on his bucket list and last chance. "Lemon"

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