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We decided to rent an RV to take our family cross country this summer. We ended up with a brand new 2918 Thor Chateau 30D.

Looks pretty at first glance, but within the first 500 miles we knew this thing would not last a year if we had chosen to purchase one. We drove from Iowa to California - quite a trek, so this thing was put through the paces. First thing we noticed was that it was so loud we could not hold a conversation, not even between the driver and front passenger on the highway without yelling across the aisle. So much for family bonding time.

The shower door came off the track the 3rd time it was used even though we were very gentle with it. The shower leaked so much we had to keep a large towel on the bathroom floor to keep water from running into the hall every time the water was on. We finally gave up and used the campground showers. The door holding the outdoor shower came unlatched while we were driving so the hose was flapping in the wind and destroyed, even though it was locked.

The thin, 2" particle board ledge that supports the dining table when placed down into the bed position fell off and snapped with our 65 pound son sleeping on it. It was obvious someone had put extra screws in during installation weakening the board, causing cracking. Driving down the road drawers were constantly flying open and cabinets swinging even though we packed conservatively and according to recommendations. By day 5 of our 11 day vacation we were tip-toeing around the place practically afraid to touch anything in fear it would break and we would be asked to pay to repair it, even though the poor quality was obviously not our fault.

As others have said this was tough to handle driving down the road, so our mountain driving was really nerve wracking. We loved the RV vacation and would do it again in a heartbeat.

However, we would never rent another Thor and would certainly never purchase one of these - they are total ***. I can't imagine one lasting more than a few months even with gentle use.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 30d Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So funny to see a renter in a Thor.

Unfortunately, I bought a Thor Miramar 34.3 for $109,000 in June 2016.

Long story short....

Im have now spent $12000 on an attorney for a breach of warranty thus far and revoked acceptance of the RV due to incredibly poor manufacturing and QC. Our full wall slide was drifting out during travel and they couldn't fix it after 4 attempts.

You must laugh at a guy like me.....

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