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Why do the steps on my 2014 thor challenger 37gt keep retracting after the coach is set up even with the switch off?Thanks


Probably a defective switch


2016 37lx challenger heater circuit board, every time it rain hard it short out the heater circuit board



Has anyone else had issues with the fabric not holdoing up on all the couches, and driver seat. It is like a real thin, leather swead fabric


engine battery

why does the the engine battery keep dying when parked. We have {Thor 2018 Freedom Elite 24FE} the fridge is running but plugged into 110 electrical power.


Electric jacks

When turning on the jacks I get a low voltage signal even though I am plugged into shore power. I can’t find the problem


Owners manual

I have a 2004 Thor wanderer wagon 217wtb and want to know where I can get a owners manual for it.. thanks


what type of floor in Quantum.

2017 Thor Quantum lf31, what is the floor made of? Is it made of fiberglass and foam?


Touchup paint

Where do we go to get touchup paint for our 2005 Mandalay?


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