Jun 28, 2017**** Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 31E Bunkhouse Bought the Thor Four Winds 31E the end of April 2017. It's been back to the dealer for repairs multiple times and there are still has items on "order" that need replacing.

The quality leaves much to be desired. The number one thing that is noticeable is the finishing work. This is going to sound petty but all the stickers on the outside were put on crooked. Looks pretty bad on a brand new 6 figure motorhome.

Who's putting these on? Obviously someone either in a big hurry or someone that doesn't care. Same with the TV's in the bunks (crooked) and the shower controls (crooked). When we called Thor to ask about some other items that need repairs and mentioned the poor finishing work they told me that they put out around a hundred units a day and that they are hurried.

Lovely. When we mentioned all the things that needed fixing, including the main cabin TV not connected to DVD player because of poorly spliced HDMI cable (which turns out to be unrepairable without re-wiring the entire front half of the rig), the water hose under the sink being kinked when the slide is retracted, warped cupboard doors, the 2x4 I had to put in one of the cupboards to hold the shelf up, the outside water drain that was leaking (the dealer ended up replacing it with one in a different color that doesn't match the rig), among other items, the manufacturer told us that's why they pay the dealers, so they don't have to deal with repairs themselves (basically telling us to call the dealer and not to bother them).

The guy at Thor was impatient, rather rude and could have cared less about any problems we were experiencing. Super disappointing.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2007 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 31e Bunkhouse Ford Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I bought a 2016 Thor Ace 29.3 fall of 2017. The dealers in my area (B.C.

Canada) are useless. Ordering parts from Indiana and paying through the nose! Now looking for wiring diagrams as I have a problem with the emaciator pump for the outside kitchen as it has no power and the fuse is good.

What a pain. At this rate I may be selling soon and not EVER buying Thor again!


As a quality control mechanical engineer, there are NO JUSTIFICATIONS for the dysfunctional, disgraceful, and frankly crap that Thor Industries produces. Thor is a third world, third rate manufacture ripping everyone off.


I agree!


Three things everyone needs to know about Thor Industries products :



Guys here's the issue with almost all RV units. First, they are not regulated so they can get away with things most mfg can't.

Second, you're not buying a car, so your warranty is not the same. Your typical RV dealer is there to sell, not service your RV. Huge sales departments, tiny service department is the norm. That means your shiny new RV will spend more time at their service department than with you.

Also, they will sell you a defective unit rather than fix it before the sale. Why, because they know you will bring it back and now they will make money off of a warranty claim. RV mfg know most Rvs will actually get very little use and they don't build them to last. Most RVs are sold within 4 or 5 years.

Quality control is non existent. Rvs are hand made by people who make mistakes and don't care about their work. Like buying a car in the 70s, they are poorly made. Cars today are much more reliable and better made due to automation, eliminating human error.

Not so in the RV industry.

So, just realize what you are buying, it's a *** shoot. The unit you buy might be worked by Joe on a Monday that had a weekend hangover and did his job poorly.

You take your chances.

There is no lemon law in the RV industry, meaning you have little to no leverage on a warranty issue and the RV mfg uses that to their advantage.


As a manufacturer there are NO JUSTIFICATIONS for Thors horrible quality. Simply, Thor puts profit over quality and safety.

It's time for massive litigation against Thor which will also send a clear message to the US rv industry in general. A group of us are looking at importing rvs from Europe that have superior quality. Time to put Thor on notice.

Just some thoughts. Good luck.


AGREE! THOR- QUALITY CONTROL IS THE PITS, terrible at best!!!!!!! STOP buying THOR products


I am in the market, but no longer. Thank you for saving me my life savings.


You need to look at a QUALITY rv product such as what Leisure Travel/Triple E of Canada makes. Sure, you have to usually wait for your unit to be built, but the wait is worth it.

We've had ours over 1 year and it has spent zero moments back at the dealership for repairs! Buy a QUALITY product in the begining, and you will not have to take it back for repairs! Buy something from a huge corporation that mass produces and, ...oh well.

Try and get past the impulse purchase. This is a big investment.


I totally agree with the previous comment on impulse buying! Best advice- take your time and research reviews on the product your are interested in purchasing.

These are major purchases and Thor is buying up all the rRV companies these days. The only care about building them quick and pushing them out the door. I impulse bought a 2017 Jayco Eagle and had 19 issues with it. Only used it for 5 months, its in the shop for 4 months.

So BEST ADVICE- look over the quality of the build and DO"T get caught up in all the nice features of the unit. For example: How many people take the time to grab a flashlight and look under the storage at things like huge plywood gaps in the 5/8" flooring? I never did until i noticed the floor squeaking- flooring was not screwed down in one area, in the hallway to the bathroom it separated as well. Upon closer inspection from my propane tank access, I noticed the plywood was virtually thrown down and then screwed, or lack of screws.

My RV dealer was shocked! So much for Jayco's Best in the Industry manufacturing. Again, Thor Industries purchased Jayco I owned a Thor prior, and had continuous water leaks from end to end of the unit. It was full of mildew and mould.

I finally sold it. It was a healthy hazard! Another piece of advice, take a very knowledgeable friend to help point issues out! But do your homework, because you will be stuck with it, and take a big hit on it when you do trade it in.

My local dealership just took one in on trade, and he said its full of mould. Jayco as well. My concern is? Is it water leaks or is it due to all these slides and especially with all the cold weather- a lot of moisture accumulates on the inside.

I purchased a compact dehumidifier and run mine a lot, also we place the mini dehydrator packs all around the unit when we are away. They seem to help a collect. Throw some in your closets and in the open.

But back to the subject- Quality is the first thing you want to look at not features alone. I think we all get caught on that!

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