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I bought a new 2017 Keystone Montana High Country in Oct 2016. I traded a 2005 Montana 5th wheel, which was a good camper, well made and a very comfortable camper.

But, my wife, 3 pets and I were going to be living in it for a while, so I decided to buy a bigger one to better accommodate us. Since I had had good luck with the first Montana, I did not even consider looking at other brands. I bought a new one at Camping World. 4-5 weeks later, there was a storm, and I had a big leak in the middle of the night.

We had to out out 3 pots to catch water. The floor, a sleeper sofa and the carpet underneath the sofa got soaked. We do not know how long this camper sat on Camping Worlds lot before we bought it, or how long it sat at Keystone, or how many times it may have gotten wet during storms, so we do not know what condition the ceiling or insulation might be in underneath. There was a lot of water that night.

The water came out of the AC vent and apparently the light fixture, because the light cover was full of water . This is not the only issue we have had. 2 of the window shades stopped working within 2 weeks of buying the camper, the trim in the bedroom is obviously not made of real wood like the older Montanas. The trim is covered in wood like adhesive backed paper.

The paper was not put on properly, not sure if it was cut too short or just not put on good or what, but it is loose, sticking up and what is stuck on, has bubbles all underneath. I'm sure in a year, it will all be off. The refrigerator freezer does not get cold enough. It takes 2 days to freeze a tray of ice and food never freezes hard, the black tank and gray tanks are mislabeled outside.

I thought I was draining the black tank first and flushing with the gray tank, but I was actually flushing with the black water tank. Nice. The bunks have no ladder to get up on them. The only way to get up is to climb on the cabinet with the tv on one side, and on top of the recliners on the other side.

You would think a ladder cost a thousand bucks the way keystone and camping world act. The living room cabinet has hookups for a washer and dryer, however, there is no way to put a washer/dryer in this cabinet unless you want to permanently remove the cabinet doors, because whoever designed this camper, did not take the slide out trim into consideration. The doors do not open all the way. There is also a kitchen cupboard cabinet door the same way.

Camping World acted like there was a possibility for this to be fixed when we bought the camper. As I said, we bought the camper in Oct, had the leak in late November, we went home for the month of December, so, we pulled the camper to Camping world on Dec 6th and they had it until Jan 2nd. They assured us it would be fixed when we got back. The only thing touched on this camper when we got back, they had cleaned debris out of some kind of pan in the duct, nothing else was touched.

We asked Keystone and Camping World if they could send someone here to fix it since we are living in it. We are 8 miles from Camping World. The answer was NO. They want us to pull it back in.

Keystone informed us they were putting a note in the file stating that we would not comply and that we would be liable for whatever happens. What kind of company does their loyal customers like this. We bought from them in good faith, that they would be there to help us should we have a problem with their product. Such a shame to treat people like that.

I stood by Keystone, always recommending them to friends. No more. I'm warning you all, you need to stay away from them. There are a lot of other nice campers out there, and I am sure there are some decent service departments out there somewhere, but, do your homework first.

Look up the companies and read the reviews. I sure wish I had, because there are lots of disgruntled people that have bought from Keystone.

I will not recommend keystone (Thor) to anyone. I will do my best to steer them in the right direction......far from keystone (Thor)

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Keystone Rv Montana High Country Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Product quality.

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I have bought a Jayco Eagle 339flqs. And it to has been nothing but a piece of JUNK.

It has had water leaks from every water line in it. The side windows in the slide have all leaked water from rain storms,the leaking water line's mixed with the faulty electrical and started a fire. In the first month of owning this junk pile. The roof has had to be redone, the furnace has ben pulled out about 6 times, the water heater has been replaced.

And now it's going back in to shop to remove 2 of the slides. To reroof one and fix weather strip on the other. And all threw these problems i was kicking myself for not buying a Montana. But after seeing your comments maybe it's a good thing i didn't get the Montana.

At least Jayco jas been willing to make the repairs. But dont get me wrong.

I wouldn't wish a Jayco on my worst enemy. And the worst part of all is there all junk these days.


well maybe u should have looked at it first and maybe u would have een some of the flaws

to Anonymous #1558467

Unfortunately you can’t see everything? Faulty Led lights on Jayco’s for example, water lines that are hand tightened at factory- that leak.

Mine occurred on my first outing. I then checked all my water lines and discovered that the cold water line behind the shower had a Linnie leak. The kitchen sink faucet has to be tightened 2 turns? So you don’t see everything and so much for Jayco boasting about quality!

Do they not have quality control supervision ? Or the fellow who posted a photo of all the wiring all bunched up and not secured properly with plastic holding clips- that rub together and cause a fire. Or the people that had there holding tanks drop out from under there unit onto the pavement while travelling. Only afew of serious problems.

So comments like you should have looked closer before buying??

Worse yet the govt. cares less and no regulations on this matter!

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