Dear Thor Motorcoach, Inc.,

Where do I begin? The nightmare we had when we purchased our 2014 A.C.E. 27.1 or with the continuing nightmare I have every time I drive it. We have currently place 1100 miles on it and I am considering not using it again as I am afraid it might fall apart on the road.

Let me start with our purchase. We first saw this RV at Camping World in Las Vegas. We later purchased it from our local Camping World dealer in St. George, Utah. They arranged to have the motor home brought up from Las Vegas since they did not have one in stock. We arranged take delivery on the 28th of June 2014. As we were given a tour of the vehicle (we had not driven it yet or were offered a drive) my wife began noticing items. First my wife is Dutch and cleanliness means everything to her. The Motor Home was filthy and not to her standards to take delivery, besides cleanliness we found several items that should have been quality checked at the factory. Here is the short list after our first tour.

1. Bathroom door was damaged and chipped in several places.

2. Bathroom door was not aligned and space could be seen between the jam and door.

3. Bathroom mirror was scratched.

4.Chips throughout the motor home.

5. Gaps around the cooking stove from installation.

6. Wrinkled wall panels in the bedroom area.

7. Shelf missing in wardrobe.

8. Glue in several areas on the body and interior panels.

9. Glue on the walls of the entry step areas.

10. Bathroom door *** was not tightened.

So we did not take delivery of the Motor home and gave them another day to get it ready for us. When we returned for the second tour, this is what we found and were told.

1. Bathroom door would need to be ordered and replaced. They attempted to repair the door, no repair.

2. Alignment would be taken care of with new door.

3. Mirror would need to be ordered.

4. Chips nothing done nothing said.

5. Gaps nothing done nothing said.

6. Wall paper winkle was cut straightened and then taped over. Not acceptable, told a new panel would be ordered.

7. Shelf was there and so was a new hole in the bottom of the closet where the shelve had been dropped. Nothing said about the hole, they said they would order a shelve.

8. Glue still there, told they would buff it out, still there.

9. Glue still there they just spray painted it black.

10. Bathroom door *** still loose, tightened while we were there.

Unit was still dirty and the dirt was the same as the first inspection. We took delivery with the promise everything would be taken care of. We were already late for our vacation that was to include a trip to the east coast. We drove the unit home about 20 miles from the dealership. On the ride home three very serious items were discovered. If we had been offered a pre test drive we would have not taken delivery of the unit.

1. The driver seat would not lock in a front position, it would swivel to the left with every turn. Very dangerous.

2. The cabinet above the passenger seat was completely loose from the wall and was banging very hard and about to fall. It would have done serious injury to the passenger.

3. The stairwell treads were loose.

I called the dealer immediately, returned the unit the next morning. They repaired the items. My question is why this wasn't discovered after a 2000 mile delivery to the two dealerships. Your quality control program is lacking as you will see as the nightmare continues.

The next morning we left for our vacation, wee only made it as far as Salt Lake City. We went to the Camping world in Draper to have the next items repaired.

1. The fix on stairwell treads was bad, the adhesive used some sort of silicone did not hold, my daughter fell as one of the treads gave away and ripped from the stairwell. The dealer said I would need to make an appointment in the future. I told them that this was a safety issue and I would not drive it again until repaired. They put new glue and some very large washers to hold the treads down, very ugly. Since that time the treads are loose again and the glue did not hold.

2. The sliding pantry lock was not holding. I was told I would need to make an appointment again. Well before an appointment could be made, the complete pantry broke apart and my wife had to hold the frame work together until we could find a place to stop and secure it.

3. The TV mounted to the wall vibrates and moves and makes noise louder than the road, I'm just waiting for the TV to fall off the wall. At least the noise will stop.

4. The steering wheel on a smooth road literally jumps out of my hands when bumps are encountered.

We are now putting our travel plans on hold, we are afraid that the unit will fall apart as we drive it. It brings to my memory the book titled "Unsafe at any Speed".

Now the drivers, passenger, dinette windows are making a loud noise and I expect them to fall out soon.

I'm 61 years old and not a novice to the RV world. I have owned many RV's and have traveled extensively in my life with my family. Here is what we have owned and never had the troubles like this ACE. I have a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than five years. We made this purchase to enjoy my last year's visiting family and just having a stress free time. Well your coach has eliminated the stress free time.

1978 Eldorado class C

1980 Nomad

1983 Palomino

1998 Terry

2001 Prowler

2000 South wind Class A

2013 Sportsman

2005 Coach House Platinum

2014 ACE

I have made a nice video of all these items and more, comparing what you advertise as compared to what you deliver.

I await your resolution to my satisfaction.


Jan L. Roberts

394 E. 920 N.

Hurricane, Utah 84737



As I was reading the manuals, I came across a certification paper to be filled by myself and the dealer. This was never offered and the form never filled out. Explanation?

2014 Thor ACE EVO 27.1 VIN 1F64F5DY8E0A05793 Ser. AAR0271002****

You can't hide from me or my family

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This was written July 24th, I turn in my Motor Home on Aug 4th and have not seen it since. I have even traveled to the Thor company in Elkhart, In. with no resolution.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $94514.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Thor Industries Cons: Will never recommend or buy again.

Location: Saint George, Utah

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Update: Thor Manufacturing is still not responsive to fixing the problem. Camping World has an out in the purchase agreement you sign.

It states they are not responsible for any Manufacturing Warranty issues.

Maybe we all need to get together and place a class action lawsuit against Thor, by the way it is not even American Owned. It is a foreign corporation.


Thanks, I will steer away from Thor. I saw some new models on the dealers lot and saw many problems, like water leaks on the slides and slides wired wrong, inside trim coming loose.

Doors not fit properly. Scratches. Broken paneling. Bed above the drivers seat would lock up when trying to lower.

Accident damage. Pure sloppy construction.

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