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RV was purchased on 7-31-14 from Camping World Statesville NC for xxxxx.

Unit was brought home on 8-9-2014. Immediately we started noticing some things were off on this RV. A cabinet had broken latch. Couch back didn’t sit right. We also noticed moisture in the bathroom and under the skylight. Upon flushing the toilet, water was evident on the linoleum underneath the handle on the commode. There was also a puddle of water in the middle of the living area under the skylight.

At that point we wanted to see if anything else was wrong so we decided to take a short 30 mile trip and see how the unit functioned. We did this trip on 9-5-14 to 9-7-14. After that trip we had a list of items that needed fixed and we contacted Camping World for warranty work. Unit was scheduled to be dropped off on 9-13-14. Below is the itemized list we gave to Camping World Statesville…

1. Toilet leaks under pedestal… water floods out when you try and flush the toilet. The leak got worse as the toilet was flushed and had caused the linoleum to bubble up around the toilet.

2. Water was leaking from around the skylight in the living area of the RV. This was a large leak and continuously dripped.

3. The right side escape window had a glass that was loose and didn’t securely latch.

4. Cabinet had broken latch,.

5. TV in bedroom didn’t play right.

6. Right side rear view mirror shook very badly

7. Couch had a broken tab on the back that prevents it from securing to bottom structure.

Once Camping World had the RV back there were issues getting warranty registered and we had the overall feeling that there would be issues with Camping World. It was at that point we contacted Thor directly to advise them of our problems. We were put in touch with Ms Wilson at customer service at Thor’s Manufacturing Facility factory service center. She advised us that our problems would be taken care of and that Thor was a quality product and would stand behind what they sell.

Several attempts to contact and emails were made to Camping World to check the status of repairs and after much delay we were told the unit would be ready to pick up on October 25, 2014. That day we went to Camping World Statesville and found that none of the repairs had really been made.

1 The toilet line exploded as soon as I touched the handle.

2 Window was off and not lined up right

3 TV still didn’t work

4 Back of couch still didn’t line up.

5 Mirror still shook very badly and we were originally told it was not under warranty.

6 I questioned the repair of the leak but was assured that they tested it and all was ok.

They got the toilet to stop leaking and assured me that they would take care of the rest of the repairs. We took the unit home even though it wasn’t right because we wanted to try and use it again. On Monday I contacted Thor and advised on the phone and through email of my Camping World experience. She again assured me that Thor would stand behind their product and all would be taken care of. We also discussed other locations for possible factory warranty work because of the poor experience at Camping World.

Meanwhile we parked the unit sitting in our driveway and on one rainy day… we went inside. It still leaked. In fact it leaked more than the previous time. This was also advised to both Camping World and Thor. We took the unit out for one night trip and the leak was too much so we drove it back home. It was at that point we noticed a diesel smell but since the unit was parked and we were waiting on Camping World there was little we could do.

Because we had bad experiences with Camping World they offered to pick up the unit at our house and drive it back to their shop for repairs. They picked up the unit on 11-25-2014 for a second round of repair work…

1. Fix leak at skylight.

2. Fix rear window that is broken.

3. Fix side mirror that is shaking.

4. Fix TV.

5. Fix back of couch.

We were told Camping World fixed all the above except the mirror which had to be taken back to Mercedes to fix. Camping World originally took our RV to a local Dodge dealership to try and repair the mirror (my guess is to save expense) but were advised that Dodge couldn’t fix it. So the unit was then taken to Mercedes Benz in Pineville NC. A side note is that during this transaction Camping World complained about us not leaving fuel in the RV. It had plenty of gas in our driveway.

On 12-2-2014 the unit was taken to Mercedes Benz and we started dealing with them directly, . They called us immediately to explain that Camping World did NOT properly register our vehicle so no warranty could be applied. This was corrected by Thor. Once we got past this mercedes advised that the mirror was fixed but the rv had a check engine light on and that Mercedes would fix that under warranty. She then called us again and advised us that there was a major leak in the fuel lines supplying diesel fuel to the engine and generator.

We immediately notified Thor and further investigation by Mercedes indicated that the manufacturer (Thor) had used aftermarket fuel lines without insulation and they had come loose and were rubbing against the drive train. This had burnt a hole in the fuel line causing diesel to spray on the underside of the unit causing a very unsafe condition. They also advised since this was a modification by Thor that it wasn’t covered under any warranty by Mercedes.

Thor offered to pay the repair cost of the fuel lines and the repair was made. Mercedes was generous enough to provide us with detailed photographs of the damaged fuel lines. They also said their repairs were done right and that the unit was finally safe do drive. It was also explained how dangerous of a situation this was and that at any time the unit could have exploded.

We picked up the RV from Mercedes on a rainy day 12-4-2014. On the way home it was obvious it was still leaking around the skylight. When we got the unit home we also noticed water running down the walls inside the bathroom. The couch was still loose, the TV repair had wires hanging down loose, and a piece of trim on the slide out had come loose.

After contacting Thor about the continuing problems Ms Wilson advised us that a factory tech would be in our area on December 15’th through 19’th and wanted to look at our rv and fix the leaks. We delivered the RV to Camping World on 12-15-2014 and left it for their tech to fix. He called us on 12-16-14 and said he had pressure tested everything and found leaks in the skylight in the living area and also leaks in the bathroom. They were all fixed. He was NOT advised of any other problems because our Thor rep Ms Wilson was too busy with phone calls to speak with him. I tried to explain our history with him but it was obvious he was already on the road and not the actually person doing to labor on our RV.

That being said we got a phone call from Camping World on 12-19-2014 and told us that the unit was still leaking. As of today… 12-22-2014 the unit is still at Camping World Statesville NC and we have not been provided any further information by Camping World or Thor Manufacturing.


Talked with Ms Wilson this morning after sending email. We talked about the concerns with the RV. Asked her to check with her supervisor because I am done with trust in the unit. I now do not believe it is repairable. She wanted me to talk with Jennifer at camping world who handles warranties and she would get with her supervisor.

Spoke to Jennifer at CW and we spoke about warranty issues. I told her I needed help with getting out of my loan or getting a new camper. She referred me to Cameron Brooks, Sales manager camping world.

Spoke to Cameron about my concerns about RV. Told him I was not angry at anyone with camping world or with Thor. My problem is with the RV itself. It seems unrepairable and I have lost trust in the unit. He told me he would talk to someone at Thor and call me back.

Received the email from Ms Wilson with the proposal from Thor and would need to discuss with my husband.

Talked again to Cameron at camping world. He knew of the proposal from Thor. His thoughts are to let Thor take it back and let them work on it. From his experience if the factory agrees to take it back it looks better on our part that we work with them to make it right. If after they work on it we are not satisfied it would then be easier to pursue a switch to another RV from Thor.

Cameron did offer to give us free a cover for our RV once we get it back from Thor, as a courtesy for all the trouble we are having.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $85000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Thor Industries and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about thor industries 2015 thor motor coach chateau from Thor Industries was product quality, customer service and company response to problems Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Sanford, Maine, United States #1207728

My sister , has a 2014 Thor ...And has had several problems bought it brand-new at ,,,camping world has been in the shop 6 time.

Ans still not fix ....called Thor and they won't call back .... Stay a way from camp world ... And Thor ...

She is.Afraid to go camping ....


Sounds like a class action lawsuit. Thanks for the warning. I won't be spending my money at Camping World.


Wow! Adding Camping World to Thor as two companies to stay away from.

As much as people complain about too much government intervention and oversight, these two companies make it clear that we consumers have little recourse when the companies don't give a ***.

Sad to see so little integrity and honor in so many large corporations.

Pembroke, Virginia, United States #1138820

We purchased our Thor RV at Camping World in Roanoke, Virginia.Within two weeks we experienced almost identical problems to those listed above.

In the first year Camping World had our RV over 4 months. Thor was no help at all. They sucked the joy of RVing out of our $100,000 investment.

Also, Camping World did not install the dinghy tow package correctly resulting in a flooded car.It's not over yet.


Oh ***, looking at purchasing my first Motorhome, been researching for weeks thought I found the one a 2015 THOR MOTOR COACH AXIS 24.2 Class A that would work for me. After reading all these terrible company reviews about Thor and CampingWorld will rethink my decision. Thanks


We purchased a new 30.1 ACE 2014 from Camping World in Berkley MA.Not sure what is worse...quality of unit, service at Camping World or customer service from Thor.

I would caution any from all 3.Buyer beware from all, plan to spend from your own pocket, because likely you will be stuck with a POS until you can get out of it.


Almost pulled the trigger today on a check for $120,000 for a Challenger 37LX.Thought I'd go home first and check the "complaints".

Glad I did!

I've seen enough.Think I'll run back to Winnebago!!

to Anonymous New Port Richey, Florida, United States #1028146

If anonymous of July 30 #1013965 would be gracious enough to

let me know where they found the complaints about their Thor

MH I just purchased a 2015 Windsport and am having numerous

problems. Thank You.


We bought a Thor from camping world and it was broken when we got it,I hope Thor and camping world will take better care of us,thank God we have an attorney in the family


that's awful. I was looking at Thor but not after reading this. Quality is too important.

to Anonymous #1004994

Me too, now I also will be looking at another company

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