I can assure all of the Thor victims, I mean customers that if the Thor CEO had any motorhome issues that they would be resolved. This company has no clue what the word quality means.

However some lame RV organizations manage to give Thor awards for their outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. It is about time we all rallly for some collective legal action. Maybe we should look into these RV organizations too. Camping World Service Dept.

is another company that should concern potential customers.

I'm embarrassed to say that we purchased a 2016 Windsport Motorhome last year. It has never seen a campsite, but it has seen the service bay of Camping World. The first day we got it home I documented over 30 defects with unit.

Have recently found more. The saga continues...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

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Agree with most of the comments about Thor's Product and LACK of Customer Service. After doing much research it seems as though when they merged and acquired other RV manufactures, I guess they feel that they are too big to fail!! Fatal mistake on their part and when I see many of the same issues pointed out over and over and from the point of purchase, big mistake, HUGE!!!

I WILL be forwarding this website to someone that may be able to assist in getting something done.

@Shalisha Jdm

Spacelink have you heard anything, we have a 2014 Thor Palazzo we are very unhappy with.


We purchased a 2016 Thor ACE 27.1 in March from Camping World and like everyone else have had nothing buy trouble with it - doors don't stay closed, bathroom wall is out of line, roof leaks around ceiling vent, hoses & sewer pipe rubbing against frame, brackets holding fiberglass front end on with no screws in it and on and on - I wish someone would start a class action suit because we'd certainly support it.


Thor nightmare bought a brand-new ACE 2016 Class A

Warranty repair has seen it more than I have

Repaired three times on the warranty repair for same issues


If your particular state doesn't cover you under the Lemon Law then the Federal Lemon Law (Magnussen-Moss Act) does cover it.

@Shalisha Jdm

Not on travel trailers. Lemon law applies only if it has a motor.

Already tried that. I'm interested in any lawsuit to.

Bought our 2017 Aspen trail in August 2016.Used 3 times over 40 issues. Been in the bay since Oct 2016- it's now April 2016




You are spot on. We purchased our Thor Axis from Camping world, what a joke.

Our brand new unit had so many issues, so Camping World took it into their shop for 6+ months a mind when we picked it up nothing was fixed and more was broken.

In our warranty period we had it in our procession for only 2 months, Camping World and Thor say tough out of warranty. Let's all stick together and put these clowns out of business.


Any class action lawsuits going on at this time? Out there against Thor and Camping World???

Just purchased a New 2022 Thor Sequence 20L. Tried to return it 1st, 2nd, 3rd, day. Manager Kelly, in Garner, NC. said, “you bought it, it’s yours.

I don’t think he knows about Lemon Law??? Have listed about 60 issues in first days/weeks. From Leaky faucet, to crooked TV. Am now… seeing all the reviews of similar problems!

Please someone, anyone that can help me?

Plz contact me at dblhrtsliz@***.com thank you! Elizabeth G.


2014 windsport 34e so many problems everything on this post I have had . we need a class action


I can only say this as I read these HORRIFIC posts. I will never ever ever buy a Thor.

Thank you for posting all of your nightmare incidences so that other potential customers avoid this nightmare and can spread the word to other potential customers to stay away from this company. Thank you again.


If you have an Interest in Filing a Class action Lawsuit please Post as I am in.

2014 Tuscany 40RX has spent 2/3rds of its life in the Shop.

Even had a Thor Technician come in to take care of everything, what a Joke. He was there for a few hours, he would have needed a week to fix all the issues.

These Motorhomes are junk and just slapped together. Al that Thor is looking for is to get past the first year so they can run with your money.


i will jump on master-cycles@***.net


Definitely interested. We've been taken for the same ride.

Bought a 2015 Hurricane, been in the shop over 6 times and is there currently.

Let me know at mkalger81@***.com. Thanks.


Definitely interested. We've been taken for the same ride.

Bought a 2015 Hurricane, been in the shop over 6 times and is there currently.

Let me know at mkalger81@***.com. Thanks.


Windsport 34F 2016 - Soooo many problems..electrical, window leaks, shower leaks, stairwell litterally falling out, plus a myriad of little things coming apart. We're in!


We've had constant issues with our 2015 Thor Miramar 34.1 (and I've been at Thor's HQ for over a week trying to resolve things face-to-face.

We're in.


I'm in...... same problem with an Outlaw 38RE

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