I can assure all of the Thor victims, I mean customers that if the Thor CEO had any motorhome issues that they would be resolved. This company has no clue what the word quality means.

However some lame RV organizations manage to give Thor awards for their outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. It is about time we all rallly for some collective legal action. Maybe we should look into these RV organizations too. Camping World Service Dept.

is another company that should concern potential customers.

I'm embarrassed to say that we purchased a 2016 Windsport Motorhome last year. It has never seen a campsite, but it has seen the service bay of Camping World. The first day we got it home I documented over 30 defects with unit.

Have recently found more. The saga continues...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

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We are having similar problems.

We purchased new Thor rv, took the list to camping world who said they can't find the problems therefore those problems don't exist.

My next step is to contact Thor but I can see by these comments that 'this may not help so

After that i will complain to bbb, consumer affairs, FCC and if that doesn't suffice I will write to the Attorney General. I will update my progress to all of you. If this ends at a class action law suit I would be interested


I am personally hiring a lawyer and will fight both Thor and camping world!


What type of class action because we are at that point too.


Very serious. This coach hasnt worked from the moment we brought it home.

Huge issues with power conversion. Leaking, heater unit.

The list goes on. Ready to drive it back to the Dealership we bought it from and hand them back the keys.


Hi. Please contact me.

I have a lawyer.

My 2016 Outlaw is absolutely a POS.

Ordered 2016/11. Never got to uSe the 2017 Outlaw once.

Had it now 14 months. Contact me if you would at 281-806-****.


More info, please...who do we contact?


Please contact me. I am in the middle of nothing I have ever seen in my life.

Boy, do I have e a story! More like a book.

Please contact me.






I purchased a Thor Vegas, and the first problem I had after not allowed a test drive (they did not have the temporary plates), and being told after the vehicle was speedily registered in our names, that the air conditioner was blowing hot air, the vehicle has the death wobble, rear camera is not clear.

I believe that a class action suit is justified for all of the complaints I read so far.


It's time!!

Please contact me re: Organizing rally of dissatisfied owners to Thor Corporate Office. As you stated if the CEO of Thor had problem with their Coach...it would be resolved immediately.

It is time for a class action suit & social media blast & 20/20 feature....buyer beware.

I look forward to your reply

We have social media on our side.

Aloha, Donna



We bought a 2017 34.3 in June 2016 that was deceiptfully sold to us with a 2 track system on the full wall slide-out. Pateintly allowed Longview RV, Wndsor Locks CT, to remaunufacture slide into the advertised #Trax system.

But had recurring problems with the system (as well as number of other issues not worth mentioning). More important, we noticed a sizeable drift of the slide outward while driving.

As a last resort, we sent it to Thor in Indiana in December in hopes of a proper diagnosis and repair. It came back to us still broken (slide driftred out in transit back to CT).

My wife and I are young RVers with children - and have been logical, reasonable and polite in our dealings with Longview RV and Thor.

Unfortunately, we are victims of a customer service disconnect at Thor - and learned that one of their customer service reps, Tim Buss, left Thor during the middle of our RV issues. As a last resort, we had to hire an consumer rights attorney and file a lawsuit to help resolve our issues.

Have you had any correspondence with anyone involved in suits with Thor?

Or anyone pondering the same? There have to be many unsatisfied customers......


Thor industries has a gig going. Where Pamish (pretend Amish).

They are given bonuses for the faster they work. Using tiny screws, a hand drill and an air stapler, the trailers are assembled. Knowing the units are defective, sell them to dealerships that advertise best price in the Nation. They will want to deliver it to you for Less than what it would be to purchase RV from your local dealer.

Your local dealer will not do warranty work on RVs from these locations. With water leaking in when it rains, to a long list of defects. 12 hour drive 800 miles one way X 6, over the year left it there for over a month the first time, even if you make an appointment two weeks in advance telling them what needs to be replaced, the part will not be ordered.things did not get done, reason Keystone wouldn't authorize it, or not enough techs. Lots of other trailers.

They hired a new trailer mover, jerks the trailers with tractor, drags and catches electric jack stand in the pot holes, driver said (if they would fix and fill in holes it wouldn't catch. Now it makes a loud strain sound. My waitress let me in on the scam. Even people from Canada told her of their experience.

With defective travel trailer. Not only that, Many are health hazards now. No proper ventilation of propane gas, moisture, and harmful septic decomposition gas and fumes. Vented into living space.

Time, Money, and your health. Is what you will lose, hopefully not your mind, from frustration. Yesterday was the third service manager. I was pushed to the side and put in a puddle, literally.

I was there at 8:45am the day of my appointment, did not get serviced that day. Yes I am a victim.


Hi my name is Kevin we recently bought a brand new 2017 Thor motor home and it's a pice of *** the top bed broke the check engine light came on pop outs got stuck the storage on the outside fell threw the bottom the door on inside fell off the track its just to many things to name never thought buying a motherhome would be this bad the service people dont know *** it was a set up for failure as soon as i drove off the lot I should have know something was up when the lady said something about not being able to return it but I was thinking being that it was brand new that I wouldn't have any problems for a while I feel like they suckered me in for the bait I was so happy the day I got it for a few hours until I started to notice how cheap of a build job they did would really look forward to a class action lawsuit against Ford


I have a 2017 Miramar 34.5 with reversed black and gray tanks Yuck plus Solenoid x 3 replacement's. Still no elect.

to the coach. New 5-12-17. Unusable to date! Leaks weren't disclosed to us with windshield swap-out!

87. Items on our list and growing!

Most all safety issue items.

So, we can't use it! THOR won't help, but lemon law attorney will!


Hi Donna,

I am in....what do we need to do?


How is this working out? I have a 2017 Miramar 34.3 that I would certainly declare a lemon. Thor has not fixed superslide issue (over 4X repairs and been back to Indianna once).


Class Action Thor

Lets start process instead of yalking about it. Our 1 year adventure has be interrupted because of Thor. 2017 Chateau Bad design of black tank, Wall warped the list goes on.


Any class action lawsuit in progress, any attorneys out there willing to help?


I, as well, would be very interested in a class action lawsuit! We have a 2016 Thor Chateau diesel.

Had it back to camping world 4 times for multiple issues after we first bought it. Have had it to Thor in Indiana for 2 weeks for another extended list of problems. Have had 2 Roadside services that we paid out of pocket for and trying to get reimbursed. Now another list of problems with an appt I n August to return to Indiana.

We paid $130,000 for this unit and General RV will only give us $90,000 for it and camping world in Florida said $85,000. We can't afford to take that kind of loss!

So, needless to say, I'm ready to take action! Inexcusable!


Actually, you can afford to lose all $130,000 .

That is a non essential luxury item with far more cost involved than simply the purchase price. Insurance, fuel, normal maintenance, fees, etc.

You lost 1/3 the day you drove it off the lot in normal depreciation alone.

Therefore an offer of $90,000 is reasonable under any circumstances.

Unless you would be left homeless, take the 2/3 and run. Consult your accountant about any possible losses useful for taxation purposes.

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