I can assure all of the Thor victims, I mean customers that if the Thor CEO had any motorhome issues that they would be resolved. This company has no clue what the word quality means.

However some lame RV organizations manage to give Thor awards for their outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. It is about time we all rallly for some collective legal action. Maybe we should look into these RV organizations too. Camping World Service Dept.

is another company that should concern potential customers.

I'm embarrassed to say that we purchased a 2016 Windsport Motorhome last year. It has never seen a campsite, but it has seen the service bay of Camping World. The first day we got it home I documented over 30 defects with unit.

Have recently found more. The saga continues...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

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Yes... Thor has little to NO QA/QC and likely don't know what QA/QC is. Any awards they advertise are bought with cold cash from Thor


Re: All Thor brand RV’s In an effort to organize some of the issues we have all been dealing with or have dealt with, we need to have a list of some of the flaws with the Thor rv’s. I am told this could possibly help with finding an attorney that might take a look at bringing a class action suit against Thor.

If you will, please REPLY to this post with the following info: 1. Class A,B or C rv 2. Thor model 3. Briefly list the items you have or have had problems with, ie., water leaks, slide outs, electrical, mechanical, exterior or interior build, faulty parts, etc.

The object is to find common issues with the workmanship.

Just a few words is all that’s needed. BRIEFLY, please

@Teresa v Yht

Bought a new 2018 windsport 35m at camping world and have had to many issues to list everything. Many water leaks one after another.

Floor coming apart, genstart doesn't work bathroom ceiling had to be replaced, Awning tore loose had to replace over slide, steering wheel off center, steps came apart, led lights over awning very crooked, tubing fell on foot first time we used it, sink trim in half bath wasn't flush, decal on side was damaged by camping world sitting on lot still haven't replaced that, door comes open even when locked going down highway and they repaired so several times we got locked inside motor coach taillight quite working, ice maker wasn't properly connected behind fridge so we had water leak that was really bad. My floor has been patched 3 times and a 2 year old could of done a better job. We used 17 days in 2018 due to defects and camping world had rest of time.

Used 19 days this year still many defects turned over to attorney. Would never purchase another Thor product or buy from camping world BOTH SUCK.


You’ve already turned it over to an attorney?


Yes they both suck! Agree and sympathize with you.

I am going they it right now! If it’s not right and perfect as a new 2020 should have been in the first place, legal with be next!

Was told by an attorney that lettera should be written to the State Attorney and a formal complaint (not a review) should be placed with BBB. Time consuming but so worth it!

@Teresa v Yht

That is what we are doing as we gather participants for the Lawsuit. It will give us more credibility as we establish a definitive pattern on the part of Thor.

@Teresa v Yht

Class C Thor Chateau 31W Compartment doors falling off, trim falling off, mushrooms and black mold on RV (have pics) Component failure: cook top, inverter, toilet Non working toilet (3years) Improperly sealed slide Slide water leak Compartment water leak Graphics crack and peel Improperly sealed roof water leaks


The more posting of complaints online the more it will come up when someone does a search. Be sure to post on all social media/blog accounts.

Waiting to hear back from a class action attorney that I reached out to. Will post here when I know something more.


Are you saying there is a class action suit against Thor for their products or for labor disputes? There is nothing posted anywhere with regard to a suit on their products.


Its been 2 years since original class action lawsuit still haven't seen compensation nor has it got better you have distract managers spitting on people cushioning checks for after hour favors and hours before 80 + and overtime pay 4$ hour smh but you have to contact hourly wages division and I guess they might help 2 years of overtime pay hmmmm


Does anyone have info on how to find an attorney willing to handle a class action suit or individual suit? Is there a place to post a request?

Anything? Oh, don’t fall for Thor responding to your post here. They ask for your info and forward to customer support. Customer support phoned once left a message to call them.

I’ve called several times and they don’t call again. As usual, they are as we all know them to be.

But I intend to take my posts further. This site is merely the beginning.

@Teresa v Yht

My take on it, is Thor will pay off the attorney you hire and take both parties money! That's the USA attorneys and probably in Canada as well operate.

Best is refuse to buy any Thor products. Research it as they own 3/4 of the market out there.


I have had nothing but problems with my 34.2 slider leaks and for a year on and off could not repair it and now that warranty is up thor will not reply


I would like to join the class action. Send info to cem3925@***.com


Here are some interesting former/current employee comments. There are many comments on this site.

Thor deserves to be looked into and be made to pay back some of the big bucks they’re making g on all of us, including employees.

No wonder they have so many problems with their rv’s. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Thor-Motor-Coach/reviews?id=f6582f7b2854e3f8


We’re in if someone does have one going, please contact: tvs05146@***.com


Thor has no warranty on a new motor home, the warranty goes thru who every makes their junk product, (lowest cost to Thor). If the company says no to covering the part , Thor will not cover the product. So where and what is a new Thor warranty, that's right NONE..


I would join a class action against Thor. This company makes absolute junk that has cost me a fortune to repair my 2014 Four Winds Super C mostly because of improper design or installation.


With Thor Industries being the largest RV manufacturer in the world and having nearly 50% of the RV market in the USA, it is hard to find an RV not manufactured by them or one of their companies. We have laws in this country that are supposed to protect the consumers, however our DOJ and FTC ignore these laws and allow these companies to grow as big as they want without consequence.

The board members and managers of this company receive tens of millions in salaries and bonuses every year to continue their reign of terror on the unsuspecting RV buyer. Congress needs to get off their fat, self-important butts and start doing something to clean up the RV industry.


I 100% agree that the RV industry builds crap and we eat the bill on repairs of their junk and the government needs to clean it up.

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