I can assure all of the Thor victims, I mean customers that if the Thor CEO had any motorhome issues that they would be resolved. This company has no clue what the word quality means.

However some lame RV organizations manage to give Thor awards for their outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. It is about time we all rallly for some collective legal action. Maybe we should look into these RV organizations too. Camping World Service Dept.

is another company that should concern potential customers.

I'm embarrassed to say that we purchased a 2016 Windsport Motorhome last year. It has never seen a campsite, but it has seen the service bay of Camping World. The first day we got it home I documented over 30 defects with unit.

Have recently found more. The saga continues...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

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Bought a new Thor Motorcoach from Paul Sherry before they sold out to camping world. Worst experience ever.

Salesman got a bad attitude when I told them about warranty repairs needed done was more worried about his commission. Was lied to about the 3 yr warranty and got stuck with factory defects to have to fix out of my pocket. Detected or had approx. 40 defects within 14 months, many were present before purchase.

They refused to fix the obvious factory defective window or cabinets mounted around the electric bunk that were installed out of square. So ended up with a $80k new motorhome with 1,300 mi's I can't lock up because of window and bunk rubs and damages the fake wood when operated. Been in shop good portion of time waiting on parts and repair. Seems like the dealer and Thor doesn't care about quality and defects, they stick the buyer with excessive down time, waiting on parts, trips to repair and try to avoid repairing some obvious factory defects (said 3 yr warranty expired in 1yr).

They won't do what's morally correct, seems everything changes once they get your money. I would never buy a Thor or from Paul Sherry again! Check out all the bad THOR reviews and BBB. Check every little thing out even if it takes days and make sure they fix them before receiving rv and signing sales agreement with any seller.

The life long dream and great experience feeling took a humongous dive after they got my money, the excessive non stop issues make me sick to my stomach, this thing will most likely quarter and dollar me to death! I wish I would have got a school bus and built one right myself, RENT one or bought different manuf. used one. Thor also makes many other brands.

UPDATE:Lippert (window factory) agreed to send window and replace. They have been great! Outstanding cust. serv.

Bless them! UPDATE: just got notified that thieves broke into service facility and stole my catalytic converter after waiting 6 weeks and counting for replacement parts. Now I'm possibly out $750 deduct. on my Ins.

The nightmare never ends! Would love to join class action suit and get replacement, I will never trust this rv on any kind of road trip short or long.


I started this thread regarding a class action lawsuit after purchasing a 2019 Sport-trek. Long story short, I contacted the VP of Manufacturing at Venture Rv, Aka KZ.

I provided much documentation of our issues. after much pressure on my part to file a lawsuit against them and the dealer I purchased from, they agreed to build me a new unit at NO cost to us. I also demanded all upgrades and extras at no cost. I also wanted an extended warranty for 3 years beyond the usual 1.

I wanted and got them to pay for the difference in cost for sales tax and excise tax due to the replacement being a 2020 with higher book value. I got everything I asked for. We got the replacement unit June 2020 and it was very much better constructed. They call it "red flag" where the attention to detail and quality are observed.

We are quite please with the replacement, it is what every unit leaving the factory should be. I will never purchase another Thor owned product in the future but at least I have a good one for now. My advice it write letters, call the senior manufacturing people, and be persistent.

If all else fails, I would begin a class action suit as there is obvious need for one. Good luck to all.


I would love to tell you about my RV. Purchased it new, since day 3 I’ve had issues some major.

Took me a year and a half to get it in for service. Once I did, it was an even longer fight (continuous to this day) and I’m still finding serious issues. I’ve owned this unit since Aug 2017, purchase it new as 2018 and I’ve been able to use it 4 times. It has 3600 miles on it, of which 1000 were there when I bought it from them transporting it to the dealer.

Another 1800 when they had to drive it back to Indiana to fix black mold and mushrooms growing off it with about 20 other defects, and another couple hundred miles having to bring it to Ford and for RV repairs locally. Yes I’ve put maybe 600 miles of the 3600 on it. Thor tells me they stand by their product lol. They band aid ithings and cut you loose.

It’s how they’re a multi BILLION dollar company.

Don’t be fooled by them, stay away! WORST money loss ever.


Class Action law suit I’m on board


I have had about 20 issues that had to be fixed.. Still have a few to go. Would like to join a class action suit


I’m glad to see you come forward about your experience working for Thor. Do you know any other people currently employed or formally employed by Thor that might also come forward?


The reason Thor's motorhomes are awful all the way around the board is they "pay" their employees a peice rate but work them overtime hours. The employees at the very bottom make less than some fast food workers but some days work 10hr days.

They arent paid time a half for overtime because the company claims that overtime comes out of the piece rate. So, effectively, when they work overtime, they get paid less. And it is mandatory overtime, or you lose your job. So when a company overworks you, underpays you, and then terminates your employment, not because your a bad worker, but because they can't do their books right, it usually equates to the product being sold as CRAP.

Im sorry all of you had *** poor RV's. I made sure my quality didnt suffer, but i saw plenty other workers who got pissed about how they were treated there, and therefore did not give a damn about how well they did their jobs. Ask any Thor employee or former employee, and they will all tell you, DONT BUY. Don't buy Thor company goods because you're really just paying like 5 people in the company to *** on every other employee and pocket your money.

Thor should be shut down for abuse to their workforce, unpaid wages, and negligence to their customer base.

And if that were to happen, thousands of people would be out of a job. But, at least those thousands of people would be forced to find work for a company that actually pays their people properly, therefore putting out good product.


Sounds like they should be contacting the labor board! Mine is a POS and have used two time in two years!


Maybe if they did their job they would be paid. Better. It’s no excuse to screw over customers who spend a $100,000 + on a coach.


Suggestion. Find a Thor employee on the assemble line who can document poor or unsafe standards.

This may tie everyone in with their issues. Someone in this group must know someone who knows someone who works there. A disgruntled employee. If the company treats customers poor I would guess to say they treat their employees the same.

You must go from the inside to make a difference.

Just a thought. Lisa T.


My wife and I are in a Magnason Moss lawsuit in CT and Indiana for a slide drift issue with a 2017 Thor Miramar. The RV was one week old when the slide stopped working - and started drifting out.

This lawsuit is very very expensive and is almost three years old. You have to be very patient and motivated, find a reasonably good lawyer and have the financial resources for a suit. Plus you need to have a real issues (many RV complaints are somewhat frivolous - but justifiably so). We like to see more people dig in.

It's just wrong to sell lemon RVs to such good camping personalities that you typically find in the industry (often spending life savings).

TMC doesnt seem to worry about it much (still doing reasonably well on Wall Street). Im at laberj45@***.com if your need another plaintiff.


That is their MO, they know most don’t have the means to file suit against a multi billion dollar company. They bank on it.

Hence the lack of give a *** with quality. Of 1000 units sold, they may pay out a total of 100k for fixes. When units are 100-300 k each, you do the math. Then they hit you with sorry warranties up....

and you’re stuck holding the bag.

Thor is a disreputable company that knowingly sells a *** product because they KNOW and RELY on the fact you and I won’t or can’t go head to head with their assets. That is the definition of a horrible company.


Count me in for the class action lawsuit. I was just thinking the same thing to find this post.


im in for a class action law suit against thor let me know lonniecook64@***.com


I’m in for a class action lawsuit. I have a list of issues with my brand new Thor Palazzo 36.3.

The large slide makes a horrible noise when driving. When I took it back to camping world for service (2 weeks after purchasing) I was told the Palazzo needed a new roof since nails are about to come through the roof on my brand new Palazzo.

It's been a week and still have not heard anything from Camping World or Thor. The 2 items above are the major ones out of a list of 25 items.


09/13/2019 Three months ago, 06/13/2019 I purchased a Thor Omni Super C motorhome for $165,000.00 from Camping World in Chattanooga, TN. From day one problems occurred and it immediately went into Camping World for warranty and related mandated safety recall work, where it remains today without the work being completed. In total twelve warranty issues and four safety recalls.


If you go to search and put in "Keystone RV " there are over 1000 complaints. Thor quality SUCKS!!


Yes , This is the one problem my lawyer in Elkhart is having. We all seem to have different problems.

IF like mine the roof was installed wrong at the factory, THAT would be a "class" leaky roofs. My lawyer is looking at trying to tie us all together under a "manufacturing defects" class. I have about 2 dozen people on my mailing list that own Keystone RV's of different brands. Their are major problems with ALL dozen or more Keystone brands.

Thor owns Keystone.

Lets try to combine our efforts. Again, my e-mail is : grmtchem@***.com


Count dwalaskan@***r in, I will join in a class action suit.


I have been trying to get a class action going with Keystone victims ( I mean customers ) I have a lawyer right in Elkhart ready to go. Contact me at grmtchem@***.com

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