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I can assure all of the Thor victims, I mean customers that if the Thor CEO had any motorhome issues that they would be resolved. This company has no clue what the word quality means.

However some lame RV organizations manage to give Thor awards for their outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. It is about time we all rallly for some collective legal action. Maybe we should look into these RV organizations too. Camping World Service Dept.

is another company that should concern potential customers.

I'm embarrassed to say that we purchased a 2016 Windsport Motorhome last year. It has never seen a campsite, but it has seen the service bay of Camping World. The first day we got it home I documented over 30 defects with unit.

Have recently found more. The saga continues...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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We also have had many problems on our Thor Windsport. We also feel there should be a class action suit against Thor.


I agree. I have a 2018 Thor Quantum WS31 and the issue never stop.


I would be happy to be part of a class action lawsuit.


I would join


Include us please!!! 2018 Outlaw we are too scared to drive after the floor and wall became separated from each other while on a highway, as well as many other problems!!!


I am interested in class action also. These need to be covered under lemon laws.Camping World should be included for not warning people and continuing to sell defective products


Even worse happened to me.


Going the lawsuit route should be a last resort. Take it from me....

I am in one! We bought a poorly QC'ed 2017 Miramar 34.3 RV - and had problem after problem (mainly with a improperly manufactured full-wall system that drifted during travel). Both the fdealer and manufacturer could not diagnose or fix.


Try your best to work with the dealer or Thor for resolution first. Threatening litigation doesn't really change anything.

You really do have to commit to putting down lots of cash down.

You can read my story at rvintelguru.com

to jason laber #1542754

You do not have to put down lots of cash. Lemon Law lawyers only collect money from the dealer if they win, and they win 99% of the time or they do not accept your case.


If a class action suit is filed with Thor please include me - - 3 years of headaches, sheered bolts, crooked beds, levelers not working, steps not working, shades falling down, fans falling down, radio/ backup monitor bouncing around, water leaking in bathroom, shower never sealed, slide not sealed, heater connections coiled up like a bowl of spagetti, ramp falling apart, first year in shop only got to use it 33 days!! Outlaw 37LS is junk!!

contact me at thieleb@att.net when ready to do class action case. Bonnie

to TexBon123 #1441692

I have the same issues with a 15 THOR SUPER C.7 times now for levelers,shower leaks 2 times,shades falling off,cab came loose from the overhead bunk letting water run in cab all bolts came out,bottom compartments leaked.first year set at dealer all summer.8000 miles and back to dealer this week.


I share the same grief as the rest of you! But another way of getting more attention, is post your nasty reviews on your dealerships website as well!

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I vow to see Thore industries go under as well as my dealership! There is no accountability these days. Thore is buying out a lot of RV manufacture company's.

The best way is to educate "ALL potential future RV purchasers, little by little Thore's sales will drop! I own a brand new Jayco with major issues. Short story, when things get repaired?? I will be selling my Jayco junk!

I talked to a dealership that had said, that they are considering, dropping the Jayco line, built by Thore Industries! Tell your friends!

I told probably 200 Rv'ers already! Going to make it my mission, till Thore closes it doors!

to kdduke #1380421

We've been fighting since 2014 2013 Thor hurricane have been unable to use since the day we bought it spent the first year and repair facilities now it's it's in storage. My family and I abstained multiple injuries from this lemon


We bought a new 2016 Thor Vegas 25.3 but soon found a long list of serious issues. We are very interested joining a class action suit.

More information, please. Who do we contact?


Our list sounds like all of the other's and is too long to blab on about. We are in on a class action suit, also. If Anyone out there is getting one going, please contact me @ gwen4@ymail.com


Has anyone filed a class action lawsuit?


I'm in on a class action suite. fzeuner@hughes.net

to frank Z #1373425

More info...who do we



I'm with you!!!!


I have a lawyer and I am going to fight until the end I will not pay the first payment, they can not continually get away with this junk! One trip and three pages of problems! I am also going to pay someone to stand in front of camping world and warn people about the snake pit they are about to enter!

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