3rd RV, this 23H is my first class A. This coach chassis is the 2018 FORD E450 with V10 which I love.

Only chassis issue I've had in 10K miles is a belt or idler pulley makes random annoying squelches under load. 10mpg sucks but oh well. As for THORS side of the build and design, Cheapest materials and labor they can possible source installed mostly by minimum wage idiots with zero pride, meanwhile THOR rakes in large profits. The 23H has a Great floor plan but they could do better with organization and how they install auxiliary components.

Example, under the dinette seat is the transfer switch, panels, water pump, wiring mess, etc. Its a nice size space but 100% clutter and stuff just cramped in with zero logic. Had water leak at the pre pump filter and could not even get to it because it was pinched between dinette booth wall and the power tie box. I totally gutted that area (and many others) and redid it properly.

I had so much room left over I installed FOUR 105AH AMG batteries, solar MPPT, Inverter and inverter xfer switch. As many others said, there was also 5 pounds of sawdust, scrap materials, and screws just in this spot alone!. BOOO THOR. Under the bed is a hollow wall separating inner coach from under bed storage.

Another 10 lb bag of trash and dust in ther too. Driving down the road with the windows down just to stop and find Saw dust everywhere? Well, that's why. Its under every cabinet, panel, etc waiting for you.

How in the world can a company shoot themselves in the foot with things that are super easy to remedy?? every trip, the microwave screws would vibrate out to where a 20 LB microwave would drop 5' from its recess. Ill assume the current THOR company owners were gifted this company and live on easy street thanks to daddy's hard unappreciated work because they obviously don't care. There is literally no other excuse it could possibly be.

I enjoy making things better and I enjoy upgrading this coach but Im afraid the house portion will leak, rot, and delaminate way sooner than it ever should. I'm glad mine was a 2 yo/3k mile repo at a price no one would believe. The people that paid 70K ARE INSANE. Its worth 40k max new.

If you buy a THOR, be the type of person that can willingly fix anything RV, If you aren't, you will be VERY sorry.

I am going to install a 3 qtr enclosed car port to keep mine under to keep it from rotting in the sun and rain to add years of use. Otherwise, it will not last long.

User's recommendation: RVs are all very much junk under 100K. You better be very handy if your buying one!

Location: Oberlin, Ohio

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