We bought a new ACE 30.4 motorhome in June and used it once and the thing fell apart . We took it back to Camping World in Rapid City, SD and had a list of 28 items that needed repair and they have it 5 weeks and still not repaired.

some of the things on the list thor would not repair under warranty .

Tried to show Camping World that the frame was also a problem and was told that the camper was heavy on that side that's why it leaned so much it is not a warranty problem ,not to worry about it . This is our first Thor product and it will be our last .

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $85000.

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I agree 100% with you. Camping World is just as bad or even worse than Thor


Thor products are a production problem crap for quality control. It is a plot between camping world and thor.

We give u a *** product u sell them and when the peace of *** breaks we do not give the approval to fix them under warranty and u feed your customers crap. And we both laugh our way to the bank. Some good lawyer should start a class action law suit against Thor.

Teach them they can not screw with their customers hard earned money and get away with it. They cost me 20000.00 bastereds

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