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I work there and I can tell you that if the people were paid like other places and not worked 13 to 15 hour days they are so burned out and struggling to make ends meet they would build a better coach trust me They treat their workers like your coach was built sorry to say but it is true. I'm so sorry for the people that do spend all there money.

Maybe they should quit buying up everything in site and focus on getting there employees rested up and pay them so they will give a ***. I know that none of us have a life and our families are destroyed from this place.

Location: South Bend, Indiana

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I find this as a poor excuse to do poor quality work. The company seems to have a very poor quality control dept.

We bought a 2013 Tuscany 42wx new in Oct 2014 and it has been at the dealer for the whole time except for two weekends, the slide outs don't work and there are numerous small problems that should have been found at the factory before it ever left. We are hoping the factory can get things fixed because the dealer does not seem to be able or want to fix them.

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