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Well, after many letters to RV magazines and reviewers, Thor contacted me and said they will not do anything. They are sticking to the terms of their warranty even though they were aware of the defective material.

I guess it just becomes buyer beware...who would purchase anything from Thor Industries after reading how they do not stand behind their products, especially when they know they have a defective product. They merely prefer to hide behind their warranty.

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I am writing to you because I am at my wits end wit Thor Industries, Damon. I have contacted them regarding a serious problem many of us are having with our leatherette coverings on the furniture used by them in our fairly new motor homes. The material simply flakes away from its backing. My 2009 Damon Challenger, 376 began flaking at just 21 months and it is so unsightly that we are embarrassed to have people visit us in what we thought was a new motor home with beautiful captain chairs and 2 beautiful couches.

I contacted Damon/Thor last January when I first became aware of the problem. They asked that I send pictures which I did so. I also learned that many Damon/Thor owners were experiencing the exact same problem after one year or more of service. It appears that many of the RV forums, particularly I RV 2 forum has many, many posts on this particular subject.

Damon/Thor contacted me and advised that they will send me new skins for the two captain chairs and two couches but installation would not be covered. They said that was the best they can do. Two weeks later I received two packages containing the new skins. After thorough examination, my worst fears became true. I contacted Damon/Thor and asked if these new skins were the same defective material. They confirmed it was.

I contacted Flexsteel, the manufacturer of the furniture and they advised me that they were aware of the problem but would do nothing because Damon/Thor supplied the specific material. They said it was inferior compared to the material Flexsteel normally supplies.

I cannot believe the situation I and many Damon/Thor owners are in because of a company that does not want to stand behind its products, but merely wants to hide behind its warranty. Can you imagine buying an automobile regardless of price and witness the seats flaking in front of your eyes after one year or more of service. If the manufacturer didn't correct this before the word got out, they would be out of business.

I am not one for over regulation. As a matter of fact, I believe a company is only as good as its reputation. However in the RV business, many companies get away with murder and it appears that Damon/Thor is one of them. It doesn't appear that their reputation is affected because there are so few avenues to get the word out in the RV business.

That is why I am writing you. I ask that you help me put some sunshine on this situation. Thor may very well be a good company, but the right people are not aware of how their underlings are handling this dilemma. Maybe if a leader in the RV industry sheds some light on this, everyone will come out a winner. Maybe our fairly new coaches will be restored to what they should be and maybe Damon/Thor will attain the reputation that makes them leaders in sales and service which I think is the most important asset in the RV business and where they would like to be.


Robert Fedderwitz

Product or Service Mentioned: 2009 Thor Motor Coach Challenger Rv.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

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We have a 2008 Damon Challenger 378 Platinum Edition which has the same crumbling furniture. They wouldnt do anything so we bought slip covers.

I dont really like them but you cant sit on crumbling furniture. Everything else is great in our coach but this makes me angry


You people obviously do not know how to handle these issues. We have had a thor Tuscany for 2 years and have had several problems.

Thor has always made the repairs requested or found acceptable alternatives. They completely replaced the passenger captains chair. The ultra leather started cracking on the drivers seat after 2 years. Spoke with the Thor rep and he respectfully told me the best way to handle it was to call Villa International the manufacturer of the chair.

Their service rep contacted the fabric manufacturer who supplied new covers for the entire chair and paid to have them installed.

If you try to work with thor they will work with you. Grow up.


You are very lucky and I am glad you have had success but for us folks that are very literate, educated and doggedly try to be patient and kind to get things done that should be done correctly, this is so unfair! I have had issues with Winnebago that go on and on just like these people and you can tell, for the majority of the people here, that they have kept meticulous records, invoices, dates, times, peoples names and you are pretty much at their mercy.

You can only call, beg, and threaten so many times and if your repair dealer is not helpful you are really screwed. At least my dealer tried very hard to make things right but after Winnebago took 3 months to order wallpaper, then fight with us for those 3 months plus another about the warranty and then find out the door gaskets failed and leaked causing the $2000 door to be saturated and ruined thru the inside which they wouldn't pay for. These supposedly were made to order and the first one of course was 1 inch too small and the second was faulty so by the time the third one came in after 8 months by now , we had to get it off the lot for a trip to Gulf Coast we had planned.

It is so frustrating and I cant even believe you had the gall to say what you did. And the most aggravating thing is that some of these folks buy them to live in full time and spend $ 200 K ( sometimes their whole retirement) and have no recourse.


Ok , don't you think these people tried to work with these people. First it was Thor, then FlexSteel and they say no. You were very lucky....hope all your problems go this way.


Our 2013 started peeling two years ago on the dry vets captains chair and has continuously gotten worse on the couches. They are so bod we have to keep throws on them so the flaking is minimal.

We are so discussed.

It looks horrible. Happy obviously Thor will not do anything to fix it


Our 2014 Hurricane started peeling really bad 2017 winter. Our friends have 2015 Hurricane with same upholstery and same thing started 2018 winter.

I see the same upholstery was being used at least back to the 2011 model year.

Thor is still probably using the same material in the products fully aware that it is substandard. Interesting way to do business...insert head in sand.


OMG. Thank goodness you posted this.

I thought I was losing my mind. I’m so angry anyways at the poor quality of this 2011 hurricane made by THOR. You name it, it went wrong. Probably the poorest quality purchase I have ever made.

And NOW the 2 captains chairs, the euro recliner and the couch are deteriorating.

It’s embarrassing and infuriating. I hate you THOR.


My thor rv blew up the inside tire blew and going down I 95 it caught fire 3min later blew up get rid of it before you die! No joke!!!!


Our 2011 Serrano 33A had the same problem after 25 months, one month out of warranty. Same response from both Thor and Flexsteel.

Looked at getting the two captains chairs and couch recovered.

It was actually less expensive to order new chairs and couch directly from Flexsteel with a much higher quality fabric than recovering the old.

Never would I buy another Thor product or recommend them to any one else looking to purchase.


I bought the thor ace 2015 since we have had it we have had to have the following replaced propane regulator slide moter and wires windshield wiper and washer motor outside tv hydraulic pump radio. Have had all molding reattached front passenger seat was not attached awning comes out crooked shower redeveloped water lines replaced fresh water tank removed and cleaned out plastic bathroom faucet replaced top step broke window fell out generator does my work rooftop air condition repaired. Had front end align ed 2 times still pulls to the right extreme vibration when going 65mph all cabinet doors open going down the road .extreme rattling.if you are looking for a motorbike please do not buy a thor product they are junk will never buy one again you can never get them on the phone you leave messages and all they say is sorry they don't stand behind their products.we have had ours in the shop 7times in 10 months.they are junk please don't buy them


Thor sucks,i would sleep in a tent before buying thor!!!

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