Bought 2014 Thor windsport 34j in September. Have owned it a year now and it has been in the shop more than in our possession.

Huge wall slide has broken twice. Replaced motors and slide rails both times.The auto level jack pump has been replaced. In dash radio with cameras quit. Batteries constantly drain, even when plugged in.

Water drain lines under the cabinet have come unglued and leaked. Trim and siding coming apart all over interior. Thor has covered all by warranty and say they will continue as long as warranty lasts.

However, no refunds, trades or buy back. The price was great at purchase, the payoff now is REGRET.

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I read a great quote this summer . The bitterness of poor quality long outlasts the sweetness of good price.


Bought a 2017 Miramar 33.4. Price was great!

But I do now regret buying it. This was our third RV. And there have been many many issues from the chasis AC not working to a defective bunk TVs (the list goes on and on). But our big issue was that the superslide (which needed to be remanufactured) has malfunctioned since ownership, despite being sent back to Thor in Indiana this winter.

Ya'll should stop complaining and just consult an attorney - like my wife and I did....

The Magnason-Moss Act (if you do not have a state lemon law) should offer relief.

You have state and federal consumer rights laws that protect consumers like us. Make sure your issue(s) are legit - and save your correspondence.


Same.. 2014 Thor Hurricane 34J.

Slide constant problem. Replaced under warranty. Failed again in 12 months. Now outside warranty and 24 month lemon law.

Horrible unit.

Note- 2015 models added a rail to the slide.

They know this is a problem. Would be interested in Class action if they don't step up and fix slide.


Purchased a 2013 Thor Tuscany in March of last year from Holiday World. Has been in the shope for four months now.

I was driving down I 10 when the driverside slide came out, thank God there were no one passing. The wind noise and rattles are terrible when going down the road. As far as the door noise they say cant find a problem.

I think that the RV manufacturers should be regulated the same as car manufacturers.


I fixed the problem with the drain hose. I purchased a 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch pipe connector and attached to drain hose.

Added clamps to secure. Been holding great.

Recommend taking out the sink to fix. Easier that way.


The new 2014 miramar we purchased is just as bad. Electrical issues appliances not working.

Trim work falling apart. Outside storage doors falling off. Cabinet doors fall off in hand and the list goes on.

We should all get together and sue! I'm so disgusted


Bought 31J Hurricane last year. First batteries quit.

Then the levelers quit.  Now the batteries will not stay charged.

 No one, including Thor, can get the levelers to work correctly and they said it is not under warranty any longer so they cannot help us anymore.  If the manufacturer cannot fix it how could they expect anyone else to fix it???  I'm out a lot more money than I originally paid. 


We bought a 2012 and it has never gone far enough from the shop to get us anywhere. First the batteries quit, the steps into the RV failed and would not close, then the levelers quit and we could not get them up!

This piece of junk cost us more in repairs in the two years we have owned it that the loan we got to buy it. This is not to mention the other numerous things that have had to be fixed inside and out. If anyone should ask me would I recommend Thor products I would first suggest they stick their fingers in their ears and second to not buy Thor products.

They are a disaster "not" going someplace to happen! If I had any money left I'd sue them.


Same here Thor is a POS don't buy. Service center is full every week with Thor RV's being repaired.

Waiting time to get appt.

3 months. Service center I'm not done yet!!

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