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How in the world, you buy a new Thor less then one week driving from dealership to my home and the water heater not working, the trim around the door falling down , the curtains disconnected from windows, the floor linoleum tiles are cut and broken, the side of the cabinets on entry has cracks on the clear coat finish , unbelievable! Tried to contact them, the Waranty and they are in slow motion mood , I lost first voucher vacation due to the water heater issue now we ll go to second one with out water hear working, sorry, thats not what I signed for this trailer!

I ll look forward to be able to return this rv back to dealership and get my money back !

Nobody would buy a new car /truck / rv , knowing that has already 2 recalls, although I ask before I bought it ! Please contact me ASAP

Location: San Jose, California

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Our Customer Support team can be reached directly at 877-855-2867 (Mon-Thurs 8-5 and Fri 8-4 ET). You can also email me at tmcteam@tmcrv.com with the last 8 of your VIN, phone number, and email, and I will have one of our Customer Support team members contact you.

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