I have been looking into the rv market and found some helpful videos on the internet reviewing the Thor Tuscan Motorhome brand. awesome floor plans, however, HD video does not hide all the imperfections one can see in the 2016 Thor Tuscany RV wood finish in the cabinets and trim, walls that are not true (1/4" or move off square), 1/8" - 1/4" gaps in the cargo linings in the underneath storage compartments, cabinet doors that do not close correctly, horrible roofing caulking and finish, quality issues in the paint and the list goes on and on.

I was so shocked at the poor quality control of the Thor Tuscany Motorhome product I will never purchase their products. As a manufacturing quality control engineer, I have 30 years experience in these areas. No justifications Thor.

HD Video is priceless. Buyer be aware.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Thor Motor Coach Tuscany Rv.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #1144247

I was set on Tiffin until seeing the Thor Venetian at a local show. Now that I read Thor reviews, there's no way I will buy a Thor.

Seems like everyone in the industry has rallied around the scheme to tell buyers that "all RV's are subject to things breaking, after all, it's a house on wheels."

Sounds like Thor has no relationship with honor, integrity, ethics, etc.

Test drove 2 Tiffins, and was really impressed. Don't like Tiffin floorplans, but I refuse to sacrifice quality.


I have been looking at the Thor large diesel motorhomes for 2 years. I can't believe how poor they are built and how poor the dealers have been at doing repairs.

One example is water leaking on the sofa after some rain. Looking at another one with the same features, it was leaking also in the same place. I told 3 salesmen and none did anything about the leaks. A month later I came back after a light snow and quess what?

Water was leaking on the same 2 couches in the same spots. One also had a piece of wood trim completely loose and jammed between the bedroom and bathroom. Still untouched a month later. A bathroom was so out of square, you could see the stool with the door closed.

Their was no alignment due to the bad build. I just shake my head in disgust every time I go out to shop for an rv.

I was at a competitor dealership today and sure enough a trim was loose on a $400,000.00 couch. I used to be an automobile shop forman and I give these guys an F.


You were very lucky...some of us have not been. I was floored when our issues were many with a brand-new unit. Would never ever buy or recommend them.

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