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I brought a 2018 Thor aria in May of 2017. The coach has been in the shop for 280 day in the first year.

In the first 16 months it has been in the shop for over 300 days. It is still in the shop. No warranty now. I may can raise goldfish in the bottom compartments.

Still not fixed. I try to tell people in any campground what a piece of junk Thor rvs are.

I also try to go to any rv shows to tell the people not to buy Thor and tell them what has happened to me. I know I have had at least 10 people who were looking at Thor motor homes and changed their minds about a Thor rv.

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After owning and finally paying off the Thor Chateau. We can now afford fixing all the broken things on it after 15 years.

It only has 25,000 miles. The Ford chasie on the class C is really great.

As for the rest of the materials in the RV product it is *** plain and simple. I tell everyone who considers to buy a motorhome like this Thor product, simply not to!!!!


My husband and I purchased a Thor motorcoach 2018, 2 months ago. The side also is faulty.

It hangs up every time we try to close it. The whole coach as so many large empty areas that we can feel frozen air everywhere and have to try to block the air holes with towels and blankets. The washer and dryer that we purchase for them to install before taking ownership, makes he whole side go up and down when used and the light in the dining area shakes unbelievable! The worst problem, it is full of so much cheap products that it has high levels of formaldehyde in it and I have been poisoned from it.

We feel forced to get out of it, traded yesterday for another brand. We haven’t made the exchange because we have to let the new coach be prepared to take ownership of it. I continue to get worse each day with the poison. We have lost at least 45,000.00 in the two months of buying this piece of *** It has completely ruined my health.

I would definitely encourage everyone to NEVER BUY A THOR COACH! You might as well throw your money and dreams completely away!

So glad you have posted this - we have now been forced to hire an attorney to help us. Our 2019 Thor was purchased in July of this year (2018) and it has been in the shop 90% of that time for water leaking in the unit from the slides.

This purchase has been the biggest disappointment we have ever made! We had a perfectly good Coachmen Mirada and wish we had it back!!! The modifications the techs have made to our unit have only made it look worse and it is still LEAKING WATER when the slides are out and when we pull them in. THOR IS TRYING TO TELL US THIS IS NORMAL!!!

WHATEVER! We have lost so much sleep and had so much stress over this unit we are just about done RV'ing!@!@!@!
to Heather M Kelly #1629607

Heather, I am so sorry I didn't find reviews like yours BEFORE we bought our Freedom Elite. Did hiring an attorney get you a full refund?

Our journey is quicker than yours but we knew within months the product was not suitable for consumers yet.

Am curious how things went for you.

to Heather M Kelly #1646979

How did it go with the attorney?


All these reviews on pissed consumer! I also put our review on Yelp.

I encourage everyone else to do so. Yelp - Thor Motor Coach, Elkhart, Indiana.

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